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Mark Masonry is part of the overall body of Freemasonry in Queensland which comprises of a number of different Orders operating in harmony and is commonly referred to as “our Masonic Family”.  Our members are required to be Master Masons of no less than 12 months standing at the time of their advancement into the Mark Order, must be a in good standing and are encouraged to maintain an active role in their Craft Lodge.

The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Queensland is the governing body of Mark Lodges in the State of Queensland, Australia. The Grand Lodge is composed of representatives of the Mark Lodges under its jurisdiction. The overall leader of Mark Masonry in Queensland is the Grand Master, who is elected by Grand Lodge every year. Its day to day management is invested in its Grand Administrative Team (headed by the Grand Secretary), and its policy and direction is set by the General Board (headed by it’s President.) The Grand Lodge being an incorporated body, its financial affairs are controlled by a Management Board (headed by a Chairman, who cannot be either the Grand Master, President of The General Board, or the Grand Treasurer.)  A detailed outline of our incorporation and structure is contained in the Grand Lodge Structure.


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