Grand Master


Prior to 1932, Mark Masonry in Queensland came under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales in the District of Queensland. Many names familiar in early Queensland Craft Freemasonry such as Alexander Corrie, John Fenwick, Augustus Gregory, Barron Lewis Barnett and Harold Courtney Luck were also prominent Mark Masons and held distinguished careers in Mark Masonry quite separate to their Craft roles.

On 25th February 1898 the District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons for Queensland was constituted with R.W. Bro. Harold Courtney Luck being installed as District Grand Master by V.W. Bro. Barron Lewis Barnett, Past Grand Overseer,  at the Constitution and Installation ceremonies.

R.W. Bro. Harold Courtney Luck served as District Grand Master from 1898 to 1928 a period of 30 years and R.W. Bro. Alexander Corrie was elected District Grand Master and led the Order for two years until succeeded for two years by R.W. Bro. William Henry Greenfield.

The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Queensland was formed on 13 August 1932, with M.W. Bro. William Henry Greenfield being installed as first Grand Master by R.W. Bro. Courtney Luck, Past District Grand Master.

Although we have been a Sovereign Grand Lodge only since 1932, it should be noted that the Mark    Order has been available in Queensland since 1869, when St George Lodge (No.1) was founded as English Lodge No.103.

Most Worshipful Grand Master

Most Worshipful Brother Paul Southon


Most Worshipful Brother William Heading 

Most Worshipful Brother William Heading IPGM

Grand Masters

(Left to Right – MWBro Keith Anderson PGM, MWBro Graeme Ware PGM, MWBro Allen Falls PGM, MWBro Garry Fenton PGM, MWBro Edward O’Neil PGM)

Past Grand Masters

1932-1935  # M.W. Bro. William Henry Greenfield
1935-1937  # M.W. Bro. Ernest Aldous
1937-1940  # M.W. Bro. Herbert Leslie Kelly
1940-1943  # M.W. Bro. Reginald Conlon Rutter
1943-1946  # M.W. Bro. Francis William Atthow
1946-1949  # M.W. Bro. Charles Sedgley Spires
1949-1953  # M.W. Bro. William Geoffrey Bennett
1953-1955  # M.W. Bro. Reginald de Vere O’Reilly
1955-1958  # M.W. Bro. Joshua Thomas Robinson
1959-1962  # M.W. Bro. William Geoffrey Bennett
1958-1959  # M.W. Bro. Alfred Henry Langdon (Died in Office)
1962-1964  # M.W. Bro. Wellington Clarence Fisher
1964-1968  # M.W. Bro. Norman John Laughlin
1968-1968  # M.W. Bro. Charles Roy Thorn (Retired Ill Health)
1968-1972  # M.W. Bro. John Mills
1972-1975  # M.W. Bro. Sydney Ernest Baxter
1975-1978  # M.W. Bro. Harold Frederick Bremerman
1978-1981  # M.W. Bro. Keith Douglas Bowman (Died in Office)
1981-1984  # M.W. Bro. Arthur Edwin Plant
1984-1987 #  M.W. Bro. Desmond Keith Anderson
1987-1990  # M.W. Bro. Raymond James Dann
1990-1993  # M.W. Bro. Allan Frederick Borchardt
1993-1996  # M.W. Bro. Albert David William Davis
1996-1998  # M.W. Bro. Jack Worrell                    (Retired Ill Health)
1998-1999  # M.W. Bro. Albert David William Davis
1999-2002    M.W. Bro. Graeme Leslie Ware
2002-2005 # M.W. Bro. Frank Benjamin Miller (Died in Office)A tribute to our Grand Master
2005-2005    M.W. Bro. Graeme Leslie Ware
2006-2009    M.W. Bro. Edward O’Neil
2009-2013    M.W. Bro. Kevin Fenton
2013-2016    M.W. Bro. Allen Falls
2016-2019   M.W. Bro. Cliff Isted
2019-2022   M.W. Bro William Heading
2022-           M.W. Bro Paul Southon

# Deceased       Gallery of Past Grand Masters